The Seven Prophecies

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Prophecy of Law

The reign of lawless dictators who believe might makes right, who pursue personal fortune over law and who allow whim to dictate duty will be thrown down.

Prophecy of Liberation

The enslavement of the innocent to the will of others will be abolished. Those who are kept shall be made free. Shackled minds will discover the hidden truth.

Prophecy of Understanding

Agents of willful ignorance, lies and repression of discovery will be overthrown. Knowledge and its open pursuit will blossom.

Prophecy of Salvation

The memory of the dead shall be honored, their deeds celebrated, and their final rest hallowed against intrusion and disruption. Those without hope will be granted another chance at redemption.

Prophecy of Restoration

That which has been destroyed will be remade. That which has been thrown down will be restored. That which has been lost will be found.

Prophecy of Love

Those without affection will find solace. Those without care will find healing. That which has not known desire will change their heart for love.

Prophecy of Ruin

That which desires not peace, but mayhem; not understanding, but exploitation; and not prosperity, but destruction shall have its day. Without darkness there can be no light.

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The Seven Prophecies

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