Divine Intervention

A strange cave

Our heroes, after resupplying in Old Nemoro, continued their journey into the Kraken Mountains. A strange region littered with dangers awaited the caravan as they neared the final three days of their adventure.
Acting as a scout Stalker discovered what appeared to be a lone cart traversing the dangerous pass alone. After returning to the party to relay the information he continues forward to discover who is brazen enough to travel these parts without an escort.
Meanwhile, Quirk’s abilities remain unchecked and, as luck would have it, the group’s carriage breaks down on the nefar-infested trail.
“Maybe we can steal an axel from that cart that’s ahead of us” chided Elmros.
Further ahead, Stalker finds the source of the cart tracks; a lone family trying to make it’s way through the mountain pass has been raided by goblins. The god of Winter and Blizzards sits back and observes the behaviour of the raiders. The leader commands one of the goblins to run off into the mountains, possibly to chase something (or someone).
Stalker returns to the group and, together with Elmros and Sahn, move ahead to deal with the nefar.
After quickly dispatching the incapable goblins the heroes discover that the wife and daughter of the cart ran off into the mountains for safety. The father begs them to retrieve his family.
Following their trail the divine ones run upon a strange cave. Shortly after entering the darkness, it is discovered that this is no ordinary cave. It’s paths change and wind about as if of it’s own free will. Hours pass as the company weave their way through it’s winding corridors. Their target always just beyond reach.
Just when it was thought that they had become the latest victims of the magical cave, an inspiration strikes the group; the cave never leads you to what you truly desire. With this in mind they focus their thoughts on leaving the cave. Almost immediately, the adventurers turn a corner and find the mother and daughter, helpless in the darkness.
*Players find the treasure: Old currency, two cyphers and a cube
*Players leave the cave and, upon reuniting the family, the book glows and fills in another portion.
*Players make it to Sommorah without further events



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