Divine Intervention

The Necromancer Revealed
The hunt begins

After defeating the unknown specter the company decide to return to the home of the groundskeeper. Without the imminent threat of dismemberment they are able to more thoroughly search the man’s small home. It appears that the cemetery worker was something of an artist as he had made many wonderful sketches and strewn them about his desk.
Somewhere underneath all that art was also a record of the residents of the graveyard as well as their locations therein. A quick search for “Bella” revealed two people of the same name; Bella ______ and Bella Engel. The party discovered that Bella Engel has a daughter who was also killed the same year. Upon further research they discovered that they were related to a bibliomancer by the name of Eschen Engel and that he was the sole survivor in the family during a raid on his village.
This, combined with knowledge that someone powerful has been experimenting with dark, necromantic magic has led the group to believe that Eschen intends to bring his family back from the dead. The Grand Library of Somorrah has also shown that it is missing a very rare, very restricted book by the name of “Libre Ressurectum”. A dark spell book with theories on the ressurection of beings.

Our heroes decide to confront Eschen after they discover his “Laboratory” in a re purposed church that bordered the cemetery where the Engels were buried. An unfortunate incident caused Elmros’ Seraph to be vaporized as it tried to open a (trapped) trap door leading into the bowels of the church. More traps going through the hallway confirmed the party’s suspicions that this was indeed Eschen’s lair. They discover evidence of his research and experiments attempting to create some method to revive his family. A journal (given to him by his late wife) was found and within are letters written by him to his wife and daughter, always mentioning that he will bring them back.

Overstaying their welcome, the divine ones attempt to leave the lab only to be stopped by a curious female specter. She is much more in control of herself than the previous one but, nonetheless, she still summons horrifying undead abominations to her side. The creatures attack with relentless fury and the company is barely able to defeat them.
Beaten and exhausted the combatants have little energy left to defend themselves as Echen appears before them and with the tap of his staff sends everyone, including himself, into oblivion.
As darkness surrounds the players Eschen’s voice can be heard in the fading distance,

“You’re in my world now…”

A Necromancer in the shadows
Our heroes assist the Adherence in Somorrah

After successfully escorting Sephoni north through The Kraken Mountains and into the relative safety of Somorrah our heroes restock their provisions and prepare to set out back into the Nightland. This time to assist Quirk in his quest to rescue his twin sister, Quinn.
The party discover that the cube that was found in the magical cave network was actually a Keystone that allowed it’s possessor to wander the caves unhindered by it’s magical defenses.
Elmros trades the Keystone to an artifact collector who, after some bargaining, has decided to pay the company to escort her to the caves so that she may explore it herself. She asks that she be given a few days to make preparations and hire the appropriate guards for her journey.
Meanwhile, the group agrees to help Sephoni find a couple of lost scouts who were investigating strange occurrences in the northern district’s cemetery. It was reported that the groundskeeper had drowned in a bucket in his own home.
While inspecting the house Sahn noticed that there was considerable magical residue around the bucket. Something was certainly not right about the entire situation.
Before they could explore the matter any further a cry went out from within the graveyard. When the heroes went to investigate they found a horrifying specter floating above the body of a dead guard. On the ground next to him, written in his own blood, was the word “Bella”. The specter retreats into the earth underneath the cemetery and zombies are summoned from their graves. A battle ensues wherein the heroes trap themselves in a tomb and fend off the coming onslaught of undead while at the same time confronting the terrifying specter within the walls of the structure.
The specter appeared to be at odds with itself as it’s body relentlessly attacks the Divine Ones but it’s mouth constantly repeating the words “Help”, “Lord”, “Slave”, and “Twilight”. Sahn, Stalker and Elmros had no time to contemplate the meaning of the ghost and decided that it was safest to dispatch with the threats (including the specter) and decode it’s cryptic messages later.

A strange cave

Our heroes, after resupplying in Old Nemoro, continued their journey into the Kraken Mountains. A strange region littered with dangers awaited the caravan as they neared the final three days of their adventure.
Acting as a scout Stalker discovered what appeared to be a lone cart traversing the dangerous pass alone. After returning to the party to relay the information he continues forward to discover who is brazen enough to travel these parts without an escort.
Meanwhile, Quirk’s abilities remain unchecked and, as luck would have it, the group’s carriage breaks down on the nefar-infested trail.
“Maybe we can steal an axel from that cart that’s ahead of us” chided Elmros.
Further ahead, Stalker finds the source of the cart tracks; a lone family trying to make it’s way through the mountain pass has been raided by goblins. The god of Winter and Blizzards sits back and observes the behaviour of the raiders. The leader commands one of the goblins to run off into the mountains, possibly to chase something (or someone).
Stalker returns to the group and, together with Elmros and Sahn, move ahead to deal with the nefar.
After quickly dispatching the incapable goblins the heroes discover that the wife and daughter of the cart ran off into the mountains for safety. The father begs them to retrieve his family.
Following their trail the divine ones run upon a strange cave. Shortly after entering the darkness, it is discovered that this is no ordinary cave. It’s paths change and wind about as if of it’s own free will. Hours pass as the company weave their way through it’s winding corridors. Their target always just beyond reach.
Just when it was thought that they had become the latest victims of the magical cave, an inspiration strikes the group; the cave never leads you to what you truly desire. With this in mind they focus their thoughts on leaving the cave. Almost immediately, the adventurers turn a corner and find the mother and daughter, helpless in the darkness.
*Players find the treasure: Old currency, two cyphers and a cube
*Players leave the cave and, upon reuniting the family, the book glows and fills in another portion.
*Players make it to Sommorah without further events

The long road
Bad luck literally follows the adventurers

Our heroes agree to escort Sephoni and her child to Somorrah where her Adherence allies can offer protection. It’s a long journey as they decide to take the north-eastern road. A well-maintained route that is frequented by many travelers, merchants and Reconciliators. The journey would prove to be filled with strange events and clever ploys.
The first day out of Corso was uneventful.


Salvation is born
Session 2

The heroes fight to save the child being born. Holding back an onslaught of nefar at the gates they rush back to the birthing chamber in time to see the midwife being controlled against her will. Sahn is able to push her away from Sephoni before the out-of-control pro-birther can do any real damage.
As the heroes gather in the chamber for one last stand, the Rakshasa that Stalker had been warning them about bursts through the door. A formidable opponent, he casually strides towards the mother only to be stopped by the conveniently-timed birth of the Bringer of Light.
The Rakshasa stops in his tracks, glares at the Heroes, and vanishes in a cloud of smoke.
The battle is won, but Sephoni and new-born Sanda need to get to safety. The group moves back to upper Corso and into an Inn controlled by the Adherence.
Knowing that they are no longer safe in Corso, the group prepares to head out into the wilderness to escape the prying eyes of Reconciliators as well as whatever dark forces are trying to stop Sephoni and her daughter.
Meanwhile, Sahn discovers that the curious book he purchased in the market began glowing. Upon inspection, he notices within it’s pages the names of everyone involved in the defense of the keep just moments earlier. What could this mean and how is this book writing it’s own stories?

Salvation being born
Our heroes find another like them

Elmros and Sahn wander through the dark, crowded streets of Corso’s market district. Elmros heads off to find a blacksmith to sharpen his recently-used longsword while Sahn heads over to an intriguing book that caught his eye.
Realizing he’s being watched, Sahn takes notice of another within the crowds of the market. A man with a peculiar nimbus of tattoos rather than the usual sigils that float above the heads of the divinely-touched. He goes by the name Stalker, though Sahn suspects that’s not his real name.
The tattoos glow brightly under Sahn’s gaze.
The two have a brief conversation when they are interrupted by a man pushing through the crowds calling out them. He shouts “Divine ones!” as he runs towards them; drawing the stares of those he passes by.
With the Tower of Reconciliation within view and patrols moving about the streets, his declaration is almost a death sentence.
The man tell them that they are needed in Low Corso, that a lady named Sephoni is about to give birth to “the Bringer of Light” but dark forces conspire against them. They have been under siege for days and their defenses are waning…

Corso, Capital of the Nightlands
Time to think about a back story

In the event that you guys want to start on your character concept there are a couple of things you can think about. First would be why you’re in Corso, the capital of the Nightlands.

I fleshed out the Wiki on Corso so that you can look around and see a bit more of what the city is like (hint: it’s not a nice place)

The second would be to play around with the idea of a Dominion. Your character can start the game being the Awakened god of a particular domain. It doesn’t mean you have to stay as that type. Events may unfold that reveal that your true domain is something completely different. Here are some examples of dominions.
These are not the only ones you can pick from and they don’t have to be just one word either. You could claim dominion over “Finder of lost items” or “Protection of those who travel by Sea”. Play around with it and see what you feel like. You can even pick more than one.
Also you don’t need to pick one at all. that can be discovered as the story progresses:

  • Air
  • Archery
  • Assassination
  • Chaos
  • Craft
  • Death
  • Destruction
  • Disease
  • Dryads
  • Earth
  • Evil
  • Fertility
  • Fire
  • Goblins
  • Good
  • Healing
  • Home/Hearth
  • Hunt
  • Joy
  • Justice
  • Knowledge
  • Law
  • Love
  • Luck
  • Messengers
  • Moon
  • Music
  • Nature
  • Night
  • Prophecy
  • Protection
  • Revenge
  • Road
  • Rulership
  • Sea
  • Secrets
  • Serpents
  • Song
  • Storm
  • Strength
  • Sun
  • Thievery
  • Trees
  • Trickery
  • War
  • Water
  • Winter
  • Wisdom

If you feel like writing any of this down, it can be added into the Characters part of the web page too! Just add a new character and type away.

Welcome to the Afterworld!
What is this weird website?

Hey guys, so I’m trying this service out because it looks pretty cool. We can have our own personal resource to keep track of our campaign and characters. For now it’s pretty barren but that’ll change in the coming weeks. For now, if you feel so inclined you can either post questions on the Forums or create your character’s backstory.
The world and it’s description will pop up on the page soon enough.


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