Elmros Tarmikas

Honorable Champion who Defends the Weak, God of Justice and Wisdom


Tier: 1 Effort: 1 XP: 4
Might (edge): 14(1)
Speed (edge): 11(1)
Intellect (edge): 11(0)

Advancements for next Tier

  • N/A

Special Abilities & Dominion Abilities

Physical Skills: You are trained in two skills in which you are not already trained. Choose two of the following: balancing, climbing, jumping, running, or swimming. You can select this ability multiple times. Each time you select it, you must choose two different skills. Enabler.
Practiced in Armor: You can wear armor for long periods of time without tiring and can compensate for slowed reactions from wearing armor. You can wear any kind of armor. You reduce the Speed cost for wearing armor by 1. You start the game with a type of armor of your choice. Enabler.
Danger Sense(1 Speed point): The difficulty of your initiative roll is reduced by one step. Enabler.
Extra Edge: Your physical nature grants you an Edge of 1 in both Speed and Might, rather than one or the other.

Skills – Might

  • Running(T)
  • Balancing(T)

Skills – Speed

  • Initiative(T)

Skills Intellect

  • Pleasant Social Interactions(T)
  • Seeing True Motives and Through Lies(T)
  • Intellect Defence Task(T)

Elmros doesn’t have any likes or dislikes. He looks like every other person and doesn’t have any personality because he hasn’t been created yet

Elmros Tarmikas

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