Divine Intervention

The Necromancer Revealed

The hunt begins

After defeating the unknown specter the company decide to return to the home of the groundskeeper. Without the imminent threat of dismemberment they are able to more thoroughly search the man’s small home. It appears that the cemetery worker was something of an artist as he had made many wonderful sketches and strewn them about his desk.
Somewhere underneath all that art was also a record of the residents of the graveyard as well as their locations therein. A quick search for “Bella” revealed two people of the same name; Bella ______ and Bella Engel. The party discovered that Bella Engel has a daughter who was also killed the same year. Upon further research they discovered that they were related to a bibliomancer by the name of Eschen Engel and that he was the sole survivor in the family during a raid on his village.
This, combined with knowledge that someone powerful has been experimenting with dark, necromantic magic has led the group to believe that Eschen intends to bring his family back from the dead. The Grand Library of Somorrah has also shown that it is missing a very rare, very restricted book by the name of “Libre Ressurectum”. A dark spell book with theories on the ressurection of beings.

Our heroes decide to confront Eschen after they discover his “Laboratory” in a re purposed church that bordered the cemetery where the Engels were buried. An unfortunate incident caused Elmros’ Seraph to be vaporized as it tried to open a (trapped) trap door leading into the bowels of the church. More traps going through the hallway confirmed the party’s suspicions that this was indeed Eschen’s lair. They discover evidence of his research and experiments attempting to create some method to revive his family. A journal (given to him by his late wife) was found and within are letters written by him to his wife and daughter, always mentioning that he will bring them back.

Overstaying their welcome, the divine ones attempt to leave the lab only to be stopped by a curious female specter. She is much more in control of herself than the previous one but, nonetheless, she still summons horrifying undead abominations to her side. The creatures attack with relentless fury and the company is barely able to defeat them.
Beaten and exhausted the combatants have little energy left to defend themselves as Echen appears before them and with the tap of his staff sends everyone, including himself, into oblivion.
As darkness surrounds the players Eschen’s voice can be heard in the fading distance,

“You’re in my world now…”



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